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Le Cheval Camargue

Abrivado, Cowboys, Cowgirls, Fashion, Gardian, Horsemanship, Lifestyle, Livery, Passion, Obsession, Saddlery, Salon: Le Cheval Camargue has assumed a status in the lives of the Camarguais and its followers that rivals the best of equine traditions.

The cliched images of white horses running wild through the Mediterranean waves are familiar.

My interest was taken instead the first time I saw the abrivado (bull running) in the streets of my local town, not only by the horses, but by the cultural statement, complete with Christian Lacroix designed shirts, equal opportunity participation and the traditional livery.

Not just a gallop through town, with locals chasing the bulls protected by their phalanx of outriders, intent on catching and felling the snorting beast; not just the race: the whole intriguing world.

My project is seen through public eyes: no special access, just watching out for events and opportunities and going from there.

This one crept up: not planned, but once started, finding a point of view that expressed the spectacle as well as the culture.

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