Le Pont Saint-Bénézet , Avignon, France

Le Pont Saint-Bénézet, Avignon, France


Welcome to James Colledge Photography.

This collection draws from the places I have lived and interests they have sparked. It is both current - a living record of continued photographic activities - and a wander back in time.

‘projects’ are ongoing series with a long term goal in mind. They weave in and out of focus, change direction but always retain their initial objective as the destination, whether reached or not. Updated as material becomes available, possibly collaborative, they have an organic presence in my photographic existence.

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‘galleries’ and ‘places’ are extracted from my archive over the past 20 years, the first reflecting themes I keep returning to, largely unbidden on a conscious level, and the second places I have either lived, or have benefited from insider knowledge of people who have lived there: my preferred ways of discovery.

this month’ brings focus to occasional current activities and travels and thoughts, camera and iPhone in hand. Please subscribe to get these updates.

I hope you find pleasure in these pages, maybe even something thought-provoking.

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Born in Scotland, living in the Borders town of Galashiels as a child, privileged to have been able to experience ‘the continent’ on holidays from an early age, it didn’t take long for the first pictures, perhaps of a duck swimming away or a chateau graphically framed but too small to see, to begin to appear in the drawer of holiday snaps my parents kept.

From those early days I have taken photos more or less constantly. My father gave me my first 'real' camera at the age of 12. It was an Olympus Trip he had purchased in Japan - that makes it 1965. I used it throughout my schooldays, and even managed to get an entry included in the annual senior school's arts exhibition that year:  a picture of le pont du Gard, which I had developed and printed myself. 

Since then, through a journey from those schooldays in Scotland to my current home in Uzès, France, a stone's throw from the aforementioned monument, a journey that has included stints living in Yorkshire, Canada (Calgary and Vancouver), Russia (Moscow) and the USA (Houston, Texas) a camera has never been far from my side. 

Professionally, I made my way as a Chartered Accountant. Now retired, I have the time - if not limitless means!- to indulge various other interests. Hence the card shop.